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Frequently asked questions about book'n'keep
  You have a urgent request and don't find
your answer?

Write us a support e-Mail, or simply write us on Facebook! We are
going to answer every question, doesn't matter if you report a bug,
have a question how to use book'n'keep or if you have a
feature request!
  How does the order process work?
You can buy book'n'keep on the Mac App Store. The Mac App
Store offers you different kind of payment types. It is an easy and
convenient way to buy apps for your Mac!
  Can I create back-ups?
Yes you can. Please go to the book'n'keep preferences and click on
"Back-up" select the place where to store the database back-up. The
file will be saved at this location. Please note that this only makes a
back-up of the database but not of the attached files.
  How to restore a back-up?
To restore the database back-up you need to copy the database file to
the correct destination folder. Please make sure that book'n'keep is not
running while you copy the file. Depending on if iCloud is activated or
not please follow the below instructions.

iCloud enabled:
Click on "Go" and hold the "alt" Key. In the "go" List a new item
"Library" should appear. Click on that and then go to "Mobile
documents" and so on... as described below.

"User"->Library->Mobile Documents
Copy the database file to this folder. If asked replace the existing file.

Click on "Go" and hold the "alt" Key. In the "go" List a new item
"Library" should appear. Click on that and then go to "Containers" and
so on... as described below.

Copy the database file to this folder. If asked replace the existing file.
  How do I attach documents to transactions?
You can simply attach documents by dragging them on to the
transaction's record or in the documents window.
iCloud sync questions to book'n'keep
  How can I enable iCloud Sync?
To use iCloud please active iCloud Sync in “preferences”. After you
selected “Yes” book'n'keep will push the actual data to iCloud
after you exit the app.
  book'n'keep tells me that iCloud is not available.
Please check that your Mac is configured to use iCloud. Please visit for further instructions.
  Can I work offline after I enabled iCloud sync?
Sure you can, but please be sure that the actual version of your
book'n'keep data has been pushed to your “Offline Mac” if it is
not the machine you are usually working with. Means the Mac or
MacBook should have been turned on with an active internet
connection before it is actually offline. Otherwise the system will work
with the last available data. But this may cause syncing conflicts
after you are online again.
  book'n'keep does not display my transactions

Please check if Document-Sync is enabled in iCloud. This is necessary
that book'n'keep (and other apps) is working correctly. Go to System-
Preferences on your Mac->iCloud->Documents and Data must be
active! In rare situation syncing conflicts or unexpected shut downs
etc. may cause a problem with the database. Please contact our
support and write an e-Mail, we will help you with your specific
Technical questions to book'n'keep
  What is the minimum system specification?
  • Intel® based Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
  • Working internet connection
  How does the installation work?
The process works automatically trough the Mac App Store. If you
still encounter any problems please contact us trough our support
How to report a bug in book'n'keep
  Report a bug or ask a question!
Please click here and fill out the form. Or contact our support via e-
. You will receive an answer shortly.